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The Mantid Beings

The Mantids or Mantoids are beings that resemble giant bipedal grasshoppers but are not real in the “material” sense as they are located in the “fourth dimension” or higher. Eyes are usually jet black and not dissimilar in type/mannerism to those of the Zeta Grey Beings’. Individuals I have “seen” (seeing with the third eye is different to physical vision) have looked rather puppet-like, as if they are not real. All living things (no matter which reality plane) have energy fields or “auras”. The aura comprises many layers and these represent various states relative to existence. For instance there is an “emotional” field that facilitates mood connections the body makes. From the energetic perspective, many entities just outside our dimension (3D) have a Teflon feel to them; particularly the hybrids. That’s the best way I can describe the experience. Thus, the Mantids I have witnessed also remind me of Teflon.

To me they come across as rather dispassionate, perhaps “serious” or stern even. They don’t seem very nice to me. However, evidence points not only to there being numerous potential “races” but also species groups with entirely independent origins. All look relatively similar in appearance; your trademark upright “orthopterans”, if you will, so it can get very confusing. For instance, the notorious Draconians have created their own hybrid groups from “crimped” Venusian DNA. These varieties are generically labelled the “Thubans” (Orion’s Belt star). Venus is the Anunaki’s last bastion in our solar system and some of the original Mantid ancestors are relocated there (well, perhaps I mean non-located as they cannot be experienced in 3D).

I have it said before, so I may as well say it again. The Venusians remind me of little sugar plum fairies in the way they gracefully dance on the horizon line. Perhaps dragonflies’ skating on lilied ponds makes a better analogy. Strangely, if you “lock in” to one of these creatures eye to eye (in a sense original Star Trek Spock’s mind meld is similar to this concept) you will experience the enormous depth of their minds which are overloaded with cosmic knowledge. It should be no surprise when considering their genus was one of the few entity types that survived Big Bang (a cosmic clear-out by Source and not the popularised erroneous jump-starting of existence).

The original Mantids have a long standing reputation for healing and other illicit knowledge. Simon Parkes’ tales about Thubans confirmed this. They were used as a “knowledge authority” by the Draco. Many Mantids carry healing wands. Though those devices can be used as very nasty weapons, I don’t really sense any hostility in them; only sternness. Simon Parkes actually reveals quite a lot about their culture which includes examples of their fondness of “socially elevating” award ceremonies. He also talks of voluntarily implanted computer chips in the left hand and right shoulders which act as space age network portals for “thoughts”! We tend to communicate history via laborious meetings which can involve lengthy conversation strings that often become confused over time. They simply “plug in” to a mind via their implants and upload historic experiences “as perceived”, so everything is as clear as a bell.

Judy Carroll has written a number of books which recount the healing teachings given to her by two senior Zeta guides. She has said she “lives” as a “Grey” on one of their spaceships while she sleeps. I can confirm that I have seen her in my energetic state. Non-physical my body is extremely large, perhaps bigger than an average house, and to me she looks like a tiny penguin. That’s the best way I can describe her. Also, according to Suzy Hansen (who is by her own confession “part Grey” having been willingly abducted on numbers of occasions) informs readers of her book (“The Dual Soul Connection”) the Zetas use the Mantis types as their medical experts.

As you move up the spiritual ladder, DNA becomes very personal. Niki Reinert asserts the Draconians travelled to Venus on hunting missions, callously killing quantities of Mantids. Their wings were “ripped off and kept as trophies”. Though this simply isn’t true, the fallacy may be justifiably explained through cause of residual DNA.

The truth is the Anunaki (acting as custodians) agreed that the Draconians could use a number of Venusian Mantids to build a genetics repository in order to create their own hybrid groups. Consequentially, there is something in the wings that disagrees with the reptilian libido so they excised that component creating only flightless varieties. However, from the spiritual DNA perspective that would be a great travesty because it validates spectral incompleteness. Niki Reinert has somehow dialled into the species group psyche in my opinion.

To finish on a sensational note, according to Uri Geller (who, admittedly, has never been one renowned for telling the unadulterated truth), the musician John Lennon was visited by Mantis types and passed on a little solid silver trinket that had been presented as a gift by them (which is extremely unusual as most Extra-terrestrial’s do not come bearing gifts). According to other unverified sources, John and Yoko became addicted to morphine and heroin for periods of their lives and, if true, this would have made either susceptible to higher dimensional “invasion”. Even so, John’s environmentalism was partly inspired by the Mantids’ outlook on the way life should be or so Uri claimed.

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