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Ciakar Proud Reptilians

Ciakars are rather more like humans that they or we would choose to admit. Ill feeling towards “the other” in some ways could be said of both parties. We believe we are qualified to control the planet. They feel they are right to master the star system and beyond.

We become offended and seek culprits to blame. They do too. They see us as the threat and those humans with all eyes open probably feel the same about them as well.

There is a reason for this inherent similarity; our common pride. We are them or, rather, their junior versions. I have discussed background at length in other articles. More importantly, a Facebook friend advised me that the genetic makeup of a Ciakar can be found in the humble letters “LSD”. At first I felt obliged to refute this opinion, but after further detailed scrutiny, I wholeheartedly agreed with the synopsis. The Ciakar is indeed made from LSD, but I am not referring to the mind bending chemical compound. “L” is for Lyrans. These are felines with sturdy auburn hair. Of misleading rustic human appearance, they possess extreme physical strength which presupposes that even their puniest individuals would put our finest athletes to shame out in the field.

“S” is for Sirian. Sirians are best known as peoples of Atlantis, but that DNA component has also been widely used for a number of races and species types, notwithstanding dear old human being. It is important to note that Ciakars have not embraced Sirian physical traits as we do. In place of the cerebral cortex they have reworked brain functionality as a network of valves and glands. Without a dual pulmonary system (warm/cold blood) it wouldn’t work. This literally gives them the choice of how to think.

Our fused pulmonary system makes following of their mind techniques very hard, but not impossible. Training exercises mimicking Ciakar behaviours are sometimes practiced by mystics, shamans and those generally committed to advanced martial arts disciplines.

“D” is for Draconian (or Draco). Therefore a Ciakar is part dragon (as is a human). The dragon gene catalogue is very large and encompasses traits of many Earth land and sea creatures. Notably, in direct reference to Ciakar traits are birds, cats (not Lyrans), snakes and other reptiles. The warm blood comes from the Sirians but dragons are strictly cold blooded. Even so, mammalian, egg and milk producing qualities is normally a feature of cold blooded nature. Earth life is very topsy-turvy in this respect. The ancient apes, such as Australopithecus, may have been cold blooded too as these were the Pteroids’ first attempt at creating their own dragon version of man.

Strangely, the main reason the Ciakars are proud falls outside the traditional Pteroid gene span. Reflecting the great Tyrannosaur presence, it took enormous self-esteem to be a big dinosaur attacker. Tyrannosaurus Rex was designed as “man” for its era by the dragons. Consequentially, the initial creation of Ciakar “Earthlings” was at the behest of the dragon hierarchy. The Lyrans were only one of several distantly related groups of extra-terrestrial entities that acted as stakeholders behind the project which began about 5 million years ago. Therefore all the Pteroids could do was act as superficial “overseers” or “monitors”, being pretty much hamstrung on gene path decisions.

Unsurprisingly, Tyrannosaur traits give the Ciakars their marked reptilian qualities. Even so the true nature of reptilians is very misunderstood. Reptiles on the surface are different. They were “fixed” by malicious geneticists a long time ago. Stupid, insensitive “MILAB” talk is effective propaganda designed to poison the reputation of the Ciakar in general. Ironically this is being largely directed by some of their own factions’ hell bent on eternal elite control of humanity. The true reptilian is proud, forthright, but also extremely crafty and this forges the ever so familiar paradoxes in character.

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