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The Alien Grey Beings – an Overview

There are that many different types of Grey Beings it is difficult ascertain whether they are all varieties of the same genetic line or if multiple origins are at play. Popular tales loosely divide characteristics of different types between “nice” and “not nice”. Politically, I have been able to identify two distinct “camps”; each with numerous affiliate parties.

Heralding from the Zeta Reticuli star system (which is now rather toxic and occupied by reptilians, I am led to believe) is an angelic forerunner of man. Prior to Big Bang, these took the form of upright, bipedal ant beings. In “grey form”, they are best recognised by their large pinched elliptical jet black eyes which will reportedly entrance unsuspecting gazers. More akin to termites, their hierarchies appear to have had roles in the reconstruction of Earth after Tiamat was shattered. For instance, it was them that were commission by the Draco to adapt natural crystalline structures into what is now so-called the “false matrix”.

Though respected authorities such as Suzy Hansen, Whitley Strieber and many others give no historic, statistical background, it becomes increasingly clear that these creatures have been vested with the spiritual education of man. Celebrated “Roswell reincarnate” Sanni Ceto uses the term Yahweh in rather ambiguous context and several abductees have reported the Greys as the “Chosen ones”. Exclusively under their instruction, Judy Carroll (who calls them “Zetas”) and Helene Kaye have co-authored books projecting their view of the oneness of humanity which includes meditational exercises geared to improve wellbeing and overall health of the human group.

I personally have concluded that all [genuine] “crop circles” are created by them or their agents. Crop circles, for those that study them seriously, are extraordinarily complex transcendental messaging systems overing predictive warnings to those that can decode meanings in time. This prophetic advisory role also seems consistent with Edgar Cayce’s Arcturians.

Finally, the Zetas can appear rather strict and domineering but this is balanced by a great sense of humour. Mathematical jokes are seen in many crop circles too. Extraordinarily, similar to the way a mime artist communicates with body only, they can converse, superficially, with eyes alone. More detailed technical requirements are normally transmitted telepathically.

Suzy Hansen and Judy Carroll confirm the group mind theory. Though they also have no emotions, Suzy elaborates that, in their own way, they accommodate this “flaw” in the way they apply reasoned logic. Everything, according to her version of their regime, is studied and “balanced”.

Though the Zeta varieties appear to reproduce by cloning only, this gives the advantage of an arsenal of different body types to suit the many and varied roles required for functional communities (something Ciakar reptilian society attempts to mimic). It is this that impacts, dare I say, the dark side. For higher spiritual echelons of existence, DNA is offered as a form of currency. In the case of Zeta genetics, their DNA is likely to have been used to create beings that have not been subject to the same rigorous versioning protocols of the source.

Colloquially, I have been led to believe that this DNA might compare to genetic cement, so it is often used as engineering “glue” to hold a hybrid together. Comparatively, whilst our (human) DNA is supremely complex, theirs is the reverse. Hence, just about everyone and anyone given a chance at using it will do. Outcome ramifications are obvious. The universe is populated with a gazillion different types of proto-greys that look confusingly similar to the original body designs.

To make things even more convoluted, Karla Turner and others have even reported human sperms have been used to create what she called “robot greys”. This implies there is some aspect in our genetic catalogue that is either identical to or representative of the Zeta genus. If so, it means that we, humans, are surely advanced Zeta hybrids too. Given the tradition of the Futczhi (named because they look like “crash dummies”) or Zeta-Draco, also sometimes called “Yahweh” (hence my intrigue at Sanni Ceto’s contextually prophetic use of the term), I find the notion of our genetic origins being some sort of variation of this entirely compelling.


Courtesy of a long history of innate propaganda infecting much that has been written about our traditional politics, everything reptilian or viperous is labelled bad. In fact, for the large part, the reverse is true. Significantly, the Greys and Reptilians bring entirely different mindsets into a place of prospective harmony where logic and emotion meet. Spirituality, at the highest level, whether emotional or logical, is awe-inspiring beauty.

Accounts of grotesquely painful operations and medical procedures administered on ill-informed, undeniably enslaved humans have preceded the tradition of angst against the greys. Commonly, I decipher these accounts as attributed to those so-called “robot grey” clones (or foetal humans) ill-versed in the etiquette of civilisation. Simon Parkes recounted his berating one such [grey] individual for refusing to attend to a waiting human “left to die” (as a consequence of this lack of attention). Others disturbingly talk of the unemotional relish “greys” have applied to violating rape and pointless torture of human captives.

Less common reports mention “very tall, dark, menacing greys” spontaneously appearing in bedrooms as if in between nightmares to dozing victims. This, upon analysis, seems more like a reptilian shape-shifting antic geared to impressing fear of the Zetas in general as a type of covert propaganda not dissimilar to Israelite political moves labelled “psy-ops”. There are deep rifts between the Zeta and Reptilian “camps” which I shall elaborate on in future entries.

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