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The Draco "Reptilians"

Because of their alleged Alpha Draconis star system origins, the “Draco” is the colloquial name given various groups of cloaked terrestrial, extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional entities whose civilisations and trade concerns impact humanity. Whilst it has been popular to focus on negative associations demonstrably detrimental to humanity, an abundance of positives (many giving clues as to the uniqueness of the human libido) are albeit unknown and are rarely formally discussed even by hereditary star seeds on Earth.

Creation of two principal gene sets began after the dragons received the keys to Martian DNA as reparation for the destruction of Maldek. Their own gene block had all the necessary triggers for everything that currently lives on the Earth plane. Specifically, the Draco branch members created first are known as Pteroids and were mammalian (bat, dog, bear, and monkey) heralding from Pterodactyl DNA, produced over 50 million years ago. The other (more commonly referenced) branch is the Ciakar group. These are usually simply called reptilians, originally created over an extended period between 3 and 5 million years ago as hybridisation required numerous tiny stages. Though they are genetically surprisingly similar to humans, their creation was as homage to extinct [pre-Maldek destruction] Tyrannosaur, which the dragons had originally conceived as the first man on Earth.

Pteroids are too far removed from the Earth plane to be experienced outside our sub or super conscious, but physical Ciakars are regularly sighted in underground caves, caverns, etc. but also have their own spiritual hierarchies right up to light being status. It is their lower vibrational types located just beyond our reality frequency band that have mostly been cited as responsible for salacious negative acts against humanity. Aided by a few other extra-terrestrial agents, an ancient light network which leverages off the Earths electro-magnetic field was adapted to create the infamous “False Matrix”. Currently that is used to impede DNA sequences and steps that might escalate human ascension. The network has also been adapted as a staggering global “thought monitoring” technology. Not only does this network have the capability to assess all live human thoughts real time, but controllers can drill down and jam individual (thought) transactions deemed detrimental to their holistic interests.

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