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Noble Lyrans - Their Ancient Earth Monarchal Legacy

Fittingly, in the cowboy age, the internet is loaded with poor information profiling details on fully imported alien Lyran Earth heritage. Etymological evolution often confuses, but Ly-Ra best conveys “enlightened orator” in the modern day English approximation. Thus, it should be little surprise Lyrans have procured a reputation for telling tall tales of illuminating cosmic proportion. That said, their deep rooted history in relation to Earth is as vital as it is interesting.

Some-when in the region of five million years ago (who can say precisely?), a consortium of extraterrestrial emissaries was invited to Earth. They had been summoned from various locations around the Bootes dual star system. Lead agents were governors of a planet [then] colloquially known as Lyra. They are a powerful feline race. Blessed with many attributes, most noteworthy is their reputation as master geneticists.

Following a vicious war in defense of Earth against Sirian ancestors, dragons’ mourning period over the extinction of their prized Tyrannosaurus Rex had by now allayed sufficiently to allow considerations towards resurrecting the great dinosaur. Though Pteroid (euphemized as YHWH in biblical portrayals) technically had been vested with hierarchical DNA license, dragons were the superior authority. Suffice to say, in accordance with presiding wishes, beyond donating his genetic progeny, Pteroid paid no real active involvement.

Instead, Lyrans were invited to take the reins of project management of an audacious plan to create re-envisaged Earth man in the image of T-Rex. To avail preparation of their feat of wonder, they would need reptilian base stock. By chance the Lyran home roost was in locatable proximity of a planet that hosted hydrogen breathing serpentine races with genetic links to dragon progeny. Perhaps ironically, the planet’s colloquial name was “Hydra”, so I don’t know whether the ancient Greek word for water was inspired by memory of Hydrans. Haydar is Sanskrit for lion (vocalization is so well matched; I wonder if lion pays homage to Lyran). Archaic word “hyd” (hide) has timeless origins. Does Hyd-Ra equate to Ra concealed? One thing is for sure. Hydran DNA was applied to formulas supplying resources used for cultivation of reptilian brood qualities.

Manufacturing processes essentially needed to gauge correct balances in order to produce “sane”, functioning new man. Because parameters were infinitely sensitive (i.e. the slightest deviation would generate failed results), gestation course (staged over immense numbers of microscopic alterations) ran a duration of significantly more than a million years. The great management challenge was the weighty proportion of ancestral Sirian DNA (seized from prior war spoils) used in genetic makeup. Lyrans, as project overseers, had gone beyond expectations and were considered to have worked miracles. At unveiling, dragons were indeed presented a miniature version of tyrannosaur which was a complete package.

In tribute to their efforts, Lyrans were granted custodianship of reptilian man under monarchal arrangements with the dragons. Per that designation they ruled Earth until around seven hundred and fifty thousand years ago. It was a term of great reward, for their progeny regarded them as godlike teachers and warriors. However, this unbreakable fortitude would be radically put to the test by a series of freak events. One of inner Earth’s five continental shelves had suffered torrential flooding (according to legends preserved by the Apaches). Incidence was critical enough to force eviction of inhabiting Lemurians.

They apparently burst free in the nick of time but, as paradoxical chance would have it, the entrance to that inner Earth plane was right in the heart of Lyran territory (probably now India’s Kashmir region). For some reason the Lemurians did not follow normal protocol (which would have been to dispatch a party of emissaries to negotiate terms of settlement in resolution of their distress). Instead, per ancient rules, their trespass could only have been construed an act of war against hosting protectors, so battle “with no quarter offered to losing parties” was the singular option. In these times, engagement was usually conducted over expansive periods, up to millions of years. There is a discrepancy of around two hundred thousand years along the event timeline so, I think that probably represents conflict course.

Lyrans are universally renowned for their physical strength and agility, but advantage was ultimately no match against formidable Lemurian military strategy. Eventually the defenders managed to box themselves into a corner. Attack would have been suicidal. Besides, they had a duty of care over the preservation of reptilian genetic heritage. They were never going to “squander all”. So, virtuously, they demonstrated nobility in their retreat to the very same place the Lemurians had fled. By now luck had turned though, for those deadly flood waters had long subsided. That cocooned sanctum was destined to become a revised reptilian paradise, yet status of dear Lyran would never fully recover.

Today colonies are run by the reptilians themselves, but dynamics have not changed that much. Their creators still preserve a spiritual matriarchal role. And this is for good reason. Many of those strange tales of characters with supernatural powers (such as buried in Greek myths) are based on the Lyran experience. For instance, conceptual Ouroboros may reflect their royal practice of eternal life. Per this custom, the granddaughter can surrender her life to provide new body host when a queen’s physical health is beyond repairable salvation. The sacrifice isn’t “total” as the body ends up supporting dual life force but, obviously, ramifications are extreme.

If there was character variation clearly distinguishing Lyrans from other extra-terrestrial species, it would surely be their unconditional love of family, their fierce protection of territory and their general “xenophobic” distrust of alien qualities. As a race, they are all so deeply centred, they have no issue when maturity determines the time is right to “find self”. However, advantage does prove disadvantageous to the discovery tour which, we all know. requires pragmatic faith to be effective. Consequentially, Lyrans have been known to fall in the trap of “believing their own bullshit”; a trait well captured by the human genome. Thus, it is easy to visualize why the world is headed on its present perilous course.

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